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Artes Group, made of a tight-knit team of professionals, specialised in creating and implementing personalised exhibition spaces, and in assembling and delivering them to various international events, finds its roots back in 1961.

Working with passion, in order to achieve original and strong setting ups, is our everyday goal. We always look for the most innovative materials and for the most effective technical solutions.

Our team satisfies all our clients’ requests with professionalism and great competence. Each project may be either developed starting from the initial idea to the final installation, or may foresee the intervention of our team in the crucial phase of the actual implementation of a pre-existing layout. Our proposals are always in line with the needs of our clients, but are also enriched by the team’s experience in achieving the most performing results.

Our excellent products:

Stands, stage designs for events, show-rooms, customised furnishing for shop windows displays and stores, taken care of in all minimal details, tailored and enriched by craftsmanship development.