From the encounter between the historical craftsmanship of Artes Group International and the most advanced production techniques completely overseen by Artes, comes the service of tailor-made creation of a wide range of display for the most varied of uses. 

Thanks to its software and modern production technologies, Artes Group International is able to meet any requirement and always finds the best proposal tailored to the client’s needs, ensuring the utmost professionalism both in the production of individual items and in the supply of larger quantities.

From drawing to design, up to mockups and realisation, Artes offers a wide range of solutions for display creation of every type and size, selecting the most suitable materials and applying details and finishes that will make each creation unique.

Our experts boast many years of experience which allows them to respond decisively to even the most demanding requests and solving problems of a logistical or technical nature. A deep awareness of market dynamics allows Artes Group International to create display solutions capable of translating the client’s brief into physical, high-performance solutions, supporting the idea and objective with displays that reflect the brand and product values in the perception of the reference target.

Whether it is a matter of displays for shop windows, points of sale, museums, showrooms, trade fairs or floor or counter stands, with backlit panels or cutting-edge materials, Artes Group International is the ideal partner for versatile display solutions, with unique design and Made-in-Italy craftsmanship quality.

The services for the realisation of displays proposed by Artes include consultancy and guaranteed follow up management. Strict adherence to deadlines, budgets and safe deliveries with professional assembly complete the framework of the offer which makes Artes Group International a trusted partner.


The strengths of the Artes Group International range of displays

  • Aesthetics and practicality
  • Innovation and technology
  • Craftsmanship and marketing

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