Artes Group International designs and creates scenery, props, display, shelving and a wide range of solutions for your shop interiors with high visual impact and craftsmanship for fitting shops.

Artes Group International handles the design as well as the whole production chain, supervising the creation of every single element of the shop fitting in order to provide immediate support to the aims of the client and their brand. 

The materials are carefully selected and handled harmoniously and with great respect for their context. They are a complete response to a dynamic and changing sector with a precise goal: to involve the consumer and improve their shopping experience. 

Whether you have a layout, a simple sketch or you start from a well-defined and precise idea, Artes Group International designs and implements your shop fitting idea through craft techniques of extraordinary and authentic workmanship in line with budget and communication needs. In our workshop at the gates of Milan, we design and implement every detail with the utmost care, meticulously monitoring the supply chain and following our partner at every stage of the shop fitting.

Professional mockups, furnishings and single display elements: for more than sixty years, Artes Group International has been working with well-known Italian and international brands to create a shop fitting capable of seducing and surprising, attracting the eye and penetrating the hearts of those who enter the shop.

Shop interiors that revolutionises the concept of point of sale

Each solution proposed by Artes group International for shop fittings gravitates around the final objective of the client partner: to support sales and the storytelling of its brand through furnishings capable of transmitting its values and history.

With this in mind, every single element of the Artes Group International shop fitting is designed to emphasise the quality of the point of sale and is planned with extreme attention to detail, refined finishes and fine craftsmanship and superior quality materials, offering those who enter the point of sale a first and fundamental impression of the client’s brand.

The Artes Team provides the Client with experience and professionalism, implementing original and functional design choices strictly made to measure by expert craftsmen.

Artes Group International is the perfect partner for shop interiors

Choosing Artes means: 

  • having the guarantee of a detailed consultancy with an interlocutor who boasts over sixty years of experience in the shop fitting sector
  • not being limited to one choice, but being able to select from a panel of solutions
  • interfacing with a reliable partner that works on time and on budget
  • having the peace of mind of being able to collaborate with a company known for the quality of their materials used and for the craftsmanship of its production
  • interacting with a company capable of guaranteeingcomplete supervision of the entire production chain thanks to the presence of all production divisions at its main headquarters
  • receiving constant updates on the progress of production
  • having the certainty of a unique furnishing of great impact and entirely personalised
  • receiving support and follow up management even after the project is completed.

Artes Group International combines aesthetic requirements with full compliance with current regulations on material conformity and safety. 

If you can’t wait to see the environment you’ve always wanted for your brand, see our Identity, contact us or fill in the form for more information or for a quote on our solutions.