For over sixty years, Artes Group International has been committed to the design and construction of exhibition fittings and stands that can enhance each customer’s uniqueness. 

Having your own fitting at an event or at a trade fair is essential to communicate your philosophy and values to your target audience and potential customers.

The Artes Group International team offers its experience to enhance the unique identity and business objectives of each customer by offering customised solutions, with attention to detail and designed with high craftsmanship techniques.

Study and design of exhibition fittings and tailor-made stands

Trade fairs are the most impactful language through which the strengths and differentiation of a brand are expressed in the competitive landscape of the sector in a shared environment with other companies.

Each solution is the result of an in-depth analysis of various factors, such as aesthetics, cost, duration and responsibility in order to offer the client the peace of mind of having an expert, proactive and decisive partner at their side who takes care of the project at every stage.

Artes Group International is committed to reinforcing the brand identity and corporate values by shaping its solutions on the client’s concepts and communicative needs, which take shape through a production process entirely controlled by Artes.

Artes Group International is committed to providing its partners with fair stands and fittings which are:

  • functional and innovative
  • capable of reflecting and enhancing the client’s brand identity
  • able to evoke positive emotions and feelings
  • aimed at strengthening the objectives set by the client
  • leave a lasting impression through unique handcrafted finishes
  • differentiate the brand from its competitors

Whether you have a predefined layout or starting from a simple idea, Artes Group International is the valuable partner for those who aim at superior quality display solutions and fittings, even when starting from scratch.

If you have a project in mind for your fair stands and fittings but do not know where to start, the professionals at Artes Group International will use all their skills to develop a proposal perfectly in line with what was expressed in the brief.

Availability, attention, professionalism and respect are the pillars on which the relationship between Artes and its Clients is based, from the conception of the project to its realisation.

If you also share our principles and would like a trusted partner, contact us for advice or a quote and find out more about Artes Group International Identity.