An Identity that aims at excellence

The Identity of Artes Group International aims at the future by pursuing excellence and the most efficacious and best possible results.

Responsibility, competence, creativity. These are the keystones of our Identity and guidelines of the daily operations of Artes Group International.

Right from the planning stage, the Artes team’s objective is to transform every brief into the best possible realisation of personalised, turnkey displays, guaranteeing the best performance while strictly respecting budgets and deadlines.


The utmost care for your projects

Since 1961, Artes Group International has been by their clients’ side at every stage of production. It is the ideal partner for the creation of high-performance display solutions and fittings guaranteed to impress at exhibitions, congresses, fairs, fashion shows and commercial areas.

Punctuality, experience and customisation reinforce each day the Identity that has made Artes Group International a leading company in the fittings sector.

The extreme value of the finishes, the careful selection of materials and the production of the highest level combined with the great expertise of our craftsmen are the fundamental pillars of decades of success.


When limitations become stimuli

The intrinsic boundaries within the field of fittings present a number of special challenges. Artes Group International team provides experiences which addresses, identifies and solves the problems that a pre-existing environment may present. It always offers a solution capable of finding a balance between the client’s ideas and logistical constraints.

Thanks to the extensive sales and rental facilities and warehouses for the maintenance and storage of equipment at the Settimo Milanese location, Artes Group International guarantees maximum flexibility and availability to relieve the client of all worries.


The extra something that makes us unique

The installation represents a fundamental moment in which professionals supervise, test and evaluate the performance of every single element of the project to ensure that the final result is fully functional and aesthetically adherent to the client’s expectations, but also to give the displays that special something that has always distinguished Artes Group International’s displays.

Choosing Artes Group International means working closely with a professional organisation that invests in a common goal: success.  The final project is a very important tool for promoting and communicating a business, but also a useful parameter for evaluating the quality of displays. Artes Group International does not limit itself to carrying out the brief and supporting the client in every phase of the project, but it also manages the follow-up to consolidate a lasting partnership.



Artes Group International identity began from the intuition of Francesco Castagna, founder and pioneer in the field of fittings, who opened the doors of the Settimo Milanese headquarters in 1961, making a breakthrough in a highly competitive market. It did not take long for Artes Group International to distinguish itself for its excellence in the production of furniture and fittings.
Since then, a lot of progress has been made and thanks to the commitment and professionalism of our passionate team, Artes Group International has established itself as a point of reference for fittings, specializing in fashion & luxury, becoming the trusted partner for many well-known brands and is synonymous with professionalism and efficiency in the field of exhibitions and display solutions.
That’s why our team sets out every day to achieve three key objectives:

  • supporting the client in every phase of the project, from the brief to the engineering, from the installation to the ‘turnkey’ delivery and the follow up;
  • contribute to making creativity and excellence the standard parameters of achievement;
  • use a careful selection of materials, cutting-edge machinery and skilled craftsmen in order to ensure the best performance and the achievement of objectives.



Since its foundation, Artes Group International has remained faithful to its mission: to create solutions that can best interpret the client’s communication and logistic needs without ever neglecting its identity and philosophy.
The mission of Artes Group International is present in the panel of solutions proposed. It is felt and experienced by our professionals in whom we invest and in whom we believe. And it is demonstrated by our actions, which take advantage of our resources and skills to fully satisfy the customer through the utmost attention to detail and constant commitment to achieving the goal set out in the brief.
The core business of Artes Group consists in the turnkey construction of temporary structures with a focus on the design and production of:

In addition to these services, we offer additional services to guarantee you maximum flexibility and performance:

  • creation of furnishings and accoutrements for points of sale and showrooms
  • rental of supplementary materials such as audio/lighting systems and graphics.





Since the beginning, Artes Group International has decided to be a different kind of company, with an Identity capable of evolving with the needs of the market and of people through the constant improvements to the production department and the careful selection of the finest finishes.
Artes Group International is a company that not only celebrates the client and their perspective, but establishes a relationship of trust, collaboration and mutual respect with them that lasts over time.
The strength of Artes Group International comes from the passion of those who are part of it and who work with constant commitment to achieve excellent results for even the most complex goals.

Artes Group International’s strengths are in our:

  • Competence and experience
  • Problem-solving
  • Pro-active approach to the brief
  • Adhering to budget constraints and delivery times
  • Relationship based on trust and continual updates for the client

Services offered:

  • Design and technical/graphic consulting
  • Creation of personalized and turnkey fittings and scenery
  • Materials rental
  • Logistics management support
  • Customer support in the debriefing of practices and follow-up management
  • Use and selection of excellent materials

What makes us a company capable of offering the client real added value is the direct control, management and supervision of the entire production chain by a single reality: Artes Group International.  The presence of the professional and productive divisions in the main headquarters guarantees the perfect coordination of the whole realisation process and the maximum flexibility based on the goals set out.