Our method

  • Stands and Stage designs for events
  • Shop windows displays
  • Shop interiors
  • Display units

Method 1 -  Artes Group International

Artes Group International supports the client and his objectives throughout the entire duration of the project. The Group does not simply carry out what is requested, but is eager to suggest a range of solutions which give the best results, always on schedule, and in consideration of the time restraints.

Responsibility, competence and creativity are the key words to our daily activities. The best result always begins from the design, which is followed by the implementation of “turnkey” solutions, managed without any delays.
Artes Group International applies its expertise and professionalism to every project it takes on: 3D rendering, choosing the most appropriate materials, the most advanced and performing supports and choosing the technological solutions in line with the clients’ budget and goals.
A prompt solution and a real-time response is found to every request. Artes Group International disposes of structures which may be sold or rent, and also has spacious warehouses for the maintenance and the storage of the clients’ equipment.