The partnerships established by Artes Group International are the pages of a professional story that began more than sixty years ago, whose plot is woven of passion, commitment and hard work to achieve an excellence which is confirmed daily by the duration of our collaborations over the years and by the enthusiasm expressed through what our clients say about us.


Artes Group International is the competent interlocutor that operates on behalf of its clients, interfacing with the hosting structures and the location managers and acting as supervisor of the whole chain.

Our experts are able to monitor construction schedules, costs, progress and quality of finishes and installation by providing support and follow up services to propose the best set of tools and methods needed for each display solution.

The Artes team aims to establish a real and daily relationship of honest partnership with its clients, opting for the path of continuous confrontation and mutual growth, embracing a win-win approach with partners whose satisfaction is clearly the highest honour which emerges from what they say about us.

If you, too, would like to design your own success story with Artes, please fill in the form. Our experts will be happy to help you.