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LEVI’S Sustainability Activation: the green side of denim

The Levi’s brand is more than just a label on a pair of jeans –  they are the jeans par excellence.

A brand that needs no introduction and that thanks to its strong character has accompanied entire generations by marrying the spirit of the times without ever bending to transient fashions.

In 2021, Levi’s decided to take to the field with its popularity in favour of a more environmentally sustainable future and did so with ‘Sustainability Activation’.

The synergy between Artes Group International and the agency Real Life Television has given birth to a range of front & back totems in which the front part contains a teaser telling the story of the project, whilst the back one invites the customer to take firm action in favour of the planet: recycling old jeans.

The plywood hanging and the rough metal tubes of agile support meet a design functionality that combines message and action. The reinforced base decorated with direct printing of the panel hides a door to easily collect the jeans donated whilst maintaining the order and aesthetics of the display element.

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