Artes Group International

Our mission

Strict, but with a smile!

Long before having to satisfy our clients’ needs, the design approach, the choice of materials, the building and assembly strategies, the logistics, all have to satisfy the strict internal ethical quality and procedural standards we uphold here at Artes Group International. Strict processes and controls, continuous tests and internal troubleshooting are part of our tireless search for the best results. Our team’s responsibility can be seen in the attention to the choice of materials, the rigorous respect for delivery deadlines, the support for logistic matters and in completing the paperwork as well as by continuously updating the client during all the project’s stages. Artes Group International creates effective exhibitions that make a bold statement with the aim of proving a reliable professional and highly competitive partner that clients can trust implicitly. Craftsmanship allied with technology and competence and a strong problem-solving approach render Artes Group International a unique team for any successful event. We are strict, but always with a smile!

The group’s success story

Artes Group International was created when a group of in-house employees acquired a brand that had already been on the furnishings and fair exhibitions market since 1961. Professionals that had grown professionally with the company and who then made a qualitative leap and became entrepreneurs. This close-knit highly competent group allowed Artes to become one of the best known names in the exhibitions world in Italy and all over Europe.
Our core business is creating ‘turnkey’ temporary exhibitions: designing, producing exhibition stands, staging for events, shop window displays and display units. In addition, we provide other related services like creating custom-made furnishings and accessories for points of sale and showrooms, as well as renting out complementary materials such as audio and lighting equipment and graphic productions.
Artes Group International is present in all the biggest international events and is a problem-solving specialist in the fashion and luxury sectors as well as a reliable partner entrusted with exhibition fitting by numerous brands.



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